People Are Talking About U Turn, God Turns

"I've known Bro. Robinson for a couple of years now, and have always known his worship to be very unique, genuine, and authentic. After reading U Turn, God Turns, I understand why. As men, we tend to hide our true emotions, feelings, and praise. I thank Bro. Robinson for allowing God to use him to be transparent through his testimony and through his worship. As you read this book, you will not only see how God has shown favor in Bro. Robinson's life, but also how He has shown His grace and mercy upon yours." ---Michael R. Holley, CEO Holleywood Homes, Pikesville, MD

"I Love This Book!" ---Everlean Wilson, Tulsa, OK

"U Turn by Mike Robinson is a must read! He gives readers a deep and personal view of what he went through, masterfully written so that you felt the aches, pains, doubts, growth, and success in each chapter. His love for God will appeal to everyone who has ever gone through trial and tribulation but held on to God's unchanging hand to reclaim the victory! Thank God for allowing U Turns!" ---Gloria Grant, Baltimore, MD

"U Turn, God Turns was an interesting read because of the struggles that the author faced. His transparency and honesty spoke volumes of his commitment to God and what he needed to do to completely surrender to His will. I recommend that ALL read this book to gain insight on how confessions of the soul can assist in receiving the blessings that God has for us because when U Turn, God Turns!"---Blanche Jackson, Author, Baltimore, MD

"U Turn, God Turns is very enjoyable and very faith giving."---Delores C. Smith, Smithfield, VA

"Overall the book U Turn, God Turns was really a book that walks you through a journey of what a person on this earth can actually go through and the best part is that you can feel and see the MIGHTY WORKS OF THE LORD!
You painted true pictures of people from your past. Reading your words, we could really visualize the people standing right in front of us.
Thank you for being so opened about very intimate things in your life and you were so clever when using the choice of words to describe things that we yet don't want to talk about.
God certainly planted a seed of greatness, a seed of obedience and a seed of strength in you because you are here to tell us your story, to share your journey with strangers.
We applaud you Mr. Michael Vincent Robinson!!"
---​Kevin & Vickie Dennis, Arlington,TX 

​"Your book was AWESOME!!! You are truly a special child of God. You have been through so much!! But you are still standing! Can't wait for part 2!!! Awesome!!" ---Tammetria D. Smith,Tulsa, OK

"This is a story about how God can turn your life around to do His works! It was very well written and a very truthful book! It certainly keeps your attention. I laughed, I cried! But mostly, I enjoyed. I'm waiting for the sequel! God has ways of getting your attention." ---Joyce A. James, Oklahoma City, OK


Reviewed By Kathryn Bennett for Readers’ Favorite

U Turn, God Turns by Michael Vincent Robinson takes us into an insightful narrative by the author that speaks of many things that happen in life … from happiness to tragedy, addiction, nearly being homeless and a path that was self destructive. We find out how the writer found mercy through God and managed to find a new song in his life journey to follow, something better than the path he was on before. We all have a journey and in this book we find out how one man took his journey in life from the wrong way to the right way by making a U turn with the help of faith.

Have you ever sat and had a conversation with a good friend on what things were like for them in the past? In that conversation you find out that when they found God or the faith that gives them a purpose is when everything changed? That is what reading Michael Vincent Robinson’s story feels like. It is conversational and enjoyable and a book that tells a story. As a life story, you can tell Michael Vincent Robinson has had some interesting times; there are parts that read like the best of Shakespeare’s stage dramas to me and that kept me interested. Finding faith is a very personal thing and it is both inspirational and generous of Michael Vincent Robinson to share his journey with us. The book kept me interested in his story from start to finish. It is well written and has a fantastic conversational tone to keep a reader engaged.

Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ Favorite - 4 stars

U Turn, God Turns: The Journey, The Messages...Conqueror! by Michael Vincent Robinson is an interesting journey where the author takes readers along the path of his life. The book gives a good view of his journey and his faith in God which helps him overcome the problems he faces. The book is a useful guide that can be referred to by readers on their destined journey. The power of prayer in our lives is reiterated in the book where the author reaffirms that worship and prayer will help in unlocking many doors. God's handiwork in creation is praised in the book and his support in transforming one's life is inspirational.

It is an uplifting read, though not excessively religious or spiritual. There are motivational quotes from the Scriptures which constantly remind you of the presence of God and His divinity. They are used in the right places, adding to their effectiveness. The signs and wonders of God in our lives are like a ray of hope for those who are lost. The interesting concept that runs through the book is that if you turn, God turns to make your life more fulfilling and enriching. The book is an excellent read and I would recommend it to readers because it gives a broader perspective on God and His supreme power. The author's fears, trials and triumphs also encourage readers to communicate their inner difficulties and find a solution to resolve them peacefully.