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U Turn, God Turns

The Journey, The Messages...Conqueror!

Experience the author’s transparent, intriguing narrative that peruses the avenues of tragedy, happiness, addiction, near homelessness, celebration, and the path of self-destructive events on the intersecting, deadly boulevard. Discover how God’s grace and mercy redeems the author and makes provisions for a new song, new journey, new life, and a U-Turn!



Exhausted, I managed to get my date home before dawn.
Soon the mists would begin to dissipate to make way for the
light of day. While driving home, the Lord put me in a deep
sleep. The car accelerated over a small bridge, crashed into
a tree, and strategically landed in a shallow creek so that no
one passing on the main street above could see me. While
out of human sight, the Lord kept me on His divine radar. As I
awakened and discovered being trapped inside the mangled
vehicle, the Lord lifted me from the wreckage onto the main
street, gave me a glorious glimpse of paradise, and allowed
me to travel eastward toward the sunrise.
My steps became slower as my breathing difficulty intensified.
When I didn’t recall walking, the Lord carried me in His
loving arms through a busy intersection and planted me near
a church where I was quickly discovered and taken around the
corner to my parent’s home. This was the last thing I remembered
for some moments.
When my eyes popped open from those moments, I was
in ICU at Hillcrest Medical Center with my family looming over
me. I felt their sadness and their love; however, the Lord’s love
was the most prevalent in the room. Just as Jesus was raised
from the dead on the third day, I was raised from ICU on the
third day and moved to a regular room.
It was in this room where I discovered my body was stapled
just as I had done so many times to paper with a stapler. Now, I
was like the paper and the doctors had stapled me! The staples
were necessary following the emergency surgery to mend me
from a ruptured spleen and a collapsed lung. One of my fingers
was broken and I suffered severe head trauma with cuts
and bruises all over my body. After all, when I arrived at the
hospital, I was only given ten minutes to live.