4/5/17 - Live Radio Show(Station 2); 2-3pm EST, Guest on "Wish Upon A Star" to unpack U Turn, God Turns with host Anndell V. Banks. This is a local, national, and international syndicated digital radio broadcast. Click on BBS Radio and Listen now! 

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​​​7/15/17 - Radio Show, 6:30am EST; Special Guest on "Maryland Fun Time" with John Carrington of Heaven 600 - Station WCAO,  Baltimore's Good News Station / iHeart Radio

"Keep driving until your deliverance comes."

"Survived storms? You are a conqueror! Celebrate yourself!"

"Deliverance is a lifestyle."

"Integrity before image takes you to true waters."


Life is all about the journey. While moving forward on the life road, there are many signs and signals that we must obey to reach our destination. If you have ever adventured onto some avenues where you know you should have crashed, burned or died but you are reading these words because you have survived the wrong turns, this book is for you! ---Michael Vincent Robinson, Written Word Artist

January 2019 

Jump Into Your Future!!!

Bounce back from addiction, lifestyle, anything and catapult yourself into your new life! - MVR

The waves of God will guide you to the shores of your deliverance!

"Praise your way to healing and deliverance."

"Believe you deserve a better life."

"Transparency is the road to freedom."

U Turn, God Turns: Inspirational, Life-Changing Memoir Empowers Readers

to Carve Path for a New Life, Reaping God’s Boundless Benefits.

God raised Jesus from the dead so He can deliver you from anything! Do you have the faith to believe it?

"Learn from self-destructive behavior to get to your next level."