God raised Jesus from the dead so He can deliver you from anything! Do you have the faith to believe it?

"Praise your way to healing and deliverance."

"Believe you deserve a better life."


Life is all about the journey. While moving forward on the life road, there are many signs and signals that we must obey to reach our destination. If you have ever adventured onto some avenues where you know you should have crashed, burned or died but you are reading these words because you have survived the wrong turns, this book is for you! ---Michael Vincent Robinson, Written Word Artist

2017- April

The Month of Redemption!

"Jesus died and rose again to redeem us from sin and give us eternal life!" - MVR

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"Learn from self-destructive behavior to get to your next level."

"Keep driving until your deliverance comes."

"Survived storms? You are a conqueror! Celebrate yourself!"

"Deliverance is a lifestyle."

"Integrity before image takes you to true waters."

"Transparency is the road to freedom."

U Turn, God Turns: Inspirational, Life-Changing Memoir Empowers Readers

to Carve Path for a New Life, Reaping God’s Boundless Benefits.

​​Written from the heart and experiences of Michael Vincent Robinson, ‘U Turn, God Turns’ takes readers deep into the fascinating life of the author – whose self-destructive tendencies riddled him with homelessness, debt, unemployment and a secret life of homosexuality. However, through his unwavering belief in God and His gifts, Robinson was saved before he passed the point of no return. By baring the author’s life story and bold wisdom, any reader can now do a U-turn on their own dead-end boulevard to prosper like they never thought possible.

Baltimore, MD – While millions believe that they grasp the true power and influence of God, real-world stories of plight to prosperity are often the only things that can put scripture into real-world context. In his compelling new autobiography, Michael Vincent Robinson not only provides that context, but equips readers with all they need to also embark on a new life showered by God’s abundant gifts. 

Everything is exposed in ‘U-Turn, God Turns’ – a frankly-honest and intriguing narrative that proves God’s power to keep his promises, deliver them and redeem anyone willing to accept it.


Come take the journey with Michael Vincent Robinson through the pages of his life story, and be encouraged by his message of grace and second chances! In this inspirational story, readers follow the author’s transformation into a man of God. Through the author’s tribulations such as drug use, the death of friends and a car accident, this book will demonstrate ways God remains faithful to His children. Many of the author’s revelations about God’s presence will encourage readers to maintain their faith. 

The author is extremely honest in the book, allowing readers to uncover God’s grace and mercy through the author’s most challenging moments. Readers can easily identify with the author through the many examples of personal stories the book includes. The book is well written and full of intriguing narrative. Varieties of events unfold in a logical format and the book maintains a smooth transition into chapters. The author’s straightforward, yet gracious attitude to God will become highly contagious for readers. Refreshingly real, this narrative embodies the redeeming power of Christianity. 

“This is a story that anyone can relate to,” admits Robinson. “People can mold it to any issue they are facing on their universal boulevard. Education, spirituality, unemployment, family issues and the rest of society’s gamut feature in the book, all under the umbrella of God’s ability to save people from self-destructing to a fatal point. We have to face that our life plans will often be altered, but it’s vital that we muster up the faith and endurance to finish the race. After crossing the finishing line, life takes on a whole new meaning.”

Continuing, “I worked diligently with this volume to deliberately tackle and force readers to face many subjects and situations that society often brushes under the rug, things that almost never get discussed within the realm of literature. But the innate message is one of God’s ability to help anyone do a U-turn in their boulevard of despair and point them on a new road that offers a fresh start and perspective. Nothing is impossible, and my story proves that.”